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Return policy

Return policy

Return policy

Return policy

Return and exchange policy


* Products sold through the site are subject to return or exchange if the packaging for shipping or the product carton is not opened within two working days of the arrival of the shipment to the customer.

* In the event that the customer has opened the product and the product carton or packaging bags are torn (cannot be returned or replaced)

* Some products have a sticker when the sticker is lost or tampered with (it cannot be returned or replaced)

* Products sold are not subject to trial

* In the event of a request to cancel the order by the customer after the order has been shipped to the customer, the customer shall bear the charges for returning the shipment, which is 80 riyals of shipments within Saudi Arabia

* Retrieving the amount to the customer after the product arrives at our warehouse and to ensure the correctness of the carton and sticker

* In the event that the customer requests a refund of the pre-shipment amount, the full amount is refunded to the customer, and the product can be replaced or changed